Anonymous asked: How did you made the color palette?

i screen capped diamonds, obviously. i opened a new file (500px x 300px) with whte as background color, choose one of the caps, cropped it to 390px x 155px, sharpened it and added a psd, and dragged it into the center of my new file. then i set my marquee tool to the following size 70px x 40px and made a box under my cap, i created a new layer and painted it black, and duplicated the layer 4 times and brought them into the right position. then i used the pipette and selected colors from the caps, and colored my boxes in these colors.

Diamonds: color palette

wow rih’s front camera seems to work again!

sad-petal replied to your post: Diamonds: color palette

omg this is art

aww :)

Diamonds: color palette
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Anonymous asked: Post the video of gifset please
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Anonymous asked: where have you the photos of rihanna?

where i get my photos?! well, i get the originals from fansites and photo agencies, and then i edit them before i post them.